For over a decade here at Body Tech Fitness we have stood true to our slogan The People’s Gym and year on year we continue to upgrade our facilities and do what the faceless franchises such as Pure Gym & Total Fitness do not, prioritise our members and our overall community before big profits.

We are as much a community as we are a gymnasium, through the recent COVID-19 pandemic we were the ONLY gym in the North West of the country to give the option to our entire member base to loan our equipment. In the interest of our members mental and physical health, the staff here at Body Tech organised and allocated tens of thousands of pounds worth of equipment to be distributed to hundreds of our members for free, no deposit, no rental charge.

The gym is situated at Moreton Cross in the original cinema from the 1920’s with ample free parking, the architectural beauty and period character of the building becomes apparent before you even enter. The inside of the building holds many of it’s original features, colour coded with the highest quality modern equipment.

Here at Body Tech we cater for a diverse user base, from complete beginners to competitive athletes. We are home to some of the most specialised strength and cardio equipment on the global market alongside all the usual equipment you would expect in a gym serious about your fitness.

Our pricing continues to be more than competitive for a 24 hour facility and we are one of the few that cap our memberships to ensure that you aren’t waiting around for equipment or seeking items that have not been properly returned to their stations.